Foodwifery, Who We Are

Laurie (Left) and Jamie (Right)

What on earth is "foodwifery"? Read on, friend. It may just change your life.

Hi, I'm Laurie Smith.

nutritional guidance offered by Foodwifery

Twenty-five years ago, Jamie Fiene and I independently set off on similar journeys: we wanted to keep our kids healthy.

We thought the answer was "health food," so we fed our families all the fat-free, whole wheat, "heart-healthy" food that they could stand.

But it didn't work. We battled headaches, recurring sickness, digestive ailments, learning disorders, fluctuating weight, and hormonal problems.

It didn’t seem right. It couldn’t be right. It wasn’t right.

After reading hundreds of nutrition and diet books, hitting dead end after dead end, eating many concoctions that barely resembled food, trying various diets and supplements, and much soul-searching, we found the answer to improving our family’s health: preparing and eating traditional, nutrient-dense foods. Real food.

Although the answer was simple, the implementation was not. Information and real food recipes were scarce.

It didn't matter. There was only one thing to do. We both stepped out and began the difficult, slow work of discovering the traditional food processes on our own.

Jamie hugging laurie

After much time and travail, we succeeded.

Then we met each other.

And over the past fifteen years, we have led a movement in our communities: a movement back to the table, back to health, back to simplicity, back to real food.

As chapter leaders for The Weston A. Price Foundation we’ve taught countless nutrition and diet classes and workshops, created and organized real food producers, and given keynote addresses.

And now we’re here to come alongside you, offering nutritional guidance and support every step of the way.

Smith family table

We’ve dubbed this movement — this art of nurturing a healing table — FOODWIFERY.

The word roots itself in "midwifery," an ancient sisterhood devoted to bringing new life into the world. Why? It’s simple, really.

Laurie and Jamie

The life of your family is in the food you feed your family.

It’s old wisdom, sure. But it’s also a new vision. A desperately needed new vision for today’s culture, in which convenience, chemicals, and profit margins rule.

More than just “a way to cook,” Foodwifery is a culture, a community, a way to live. It’s a high art and a humble joy.

JOIN US. Take it one step at a time. With Jamie and I, and the Foodwifery community alongside to be with you, help you, laugh with you.

Nurture the art of a healing table with us. You are very welcome here.

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