How to make Fizzy Carrots

How to Make Fizzy Carrots

Want to see how easy it is to ferment your vegetables? In this video, Jamie takes us through the whole process of making fizzy carrots.

Be warned: you may come away from this video inspired to make your own fizzy carrots.

(Wondering what fizzy food is? Check out What is Fizzy Food.)

How to Make Fizzy Carrots
You will need:

  • Several carrots – Locally grown in good soil is best, but you can find organic carrots just about anywhere. So if you just can’t find a good local source, head to your grocery!
  • 2 tsp salt – You’ll want a good Celtic or sea salt.
  • 2 Tbsp whey


  1. Finely grate roughly 4 cups of organic carrots and add 2 teaspoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of whey. Pound with a wooden utensil.
  2. Place in a quart mason jar, and pound until all carrots are submerged in liquid.
  3. Seal with a canning lid and plastic lid, and place in on the counter in a warm spot for 2 days.
  4. When done, remove to refrigerator or cold storage.

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