How to Soak an Almond (or any nut or seed!)

How to Soak an Almond (or any nut or seed!)

Convinced about soaking nuts? Ready for a demo of traditional soaking?

Here we go. This one is straight out of our Table Transformation Course and will tell you exactly what you need to know to soak an almond, nuts, and seeds well. Push play! It’s only a few minutes, and will give you a head start on the process.

Then bookmark the cheat sheet below for a handy reference guide.

Soaking Nuts and Seeds CHEAT SHEET

To soak:

Place your nuts (or seeds) in a bowl and cover with water. Add anywhere from a teaspoon to a cup of salt. It doesn’t have to be exact — use less for smaller bowls, more for larger batches. Keep bowl at room temperature and soak for predetermined time (see below). When done, drain the nuts and rinse.

To dehydrate:

Spread nuts on mesh dehydrator trays, and set dehydrator on low (nothing above 150 degrees). After the nuts are dry (anywhere from 10-24 hours), place them in a sealed glass jar.

Note: Make sure nuts are completely dry before storing them to avoid mold.
If using an oven, set at its lowest setting (or 100 degrees) and keep a close eye.

Best soaking times for nuts:

2 Hours: cashews, brazil nuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts

6 Hours: almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans

8 Hours: sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, radish Seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts