The Beauty of Lard

The Beauty of Lard

Lard, a fat rendered from pork, has not been a staple in the American diet for several generations and has been virtually forgotten by most.

That’s a shame, because lard can really be a star.

In this video, Jamie and Laurie discuss lard: what it is, how to use it, which lard to buy and which lard to avoid at all costs, and how to render your own lard!

Quick Look:
5 Uses that Unlock the Beauty of Lard

  • The perfect pie crust.
  • Conditioning oil for cast iron pans.
  • Sautéing vegetables.
  • Making your own delicious tortilla chips.
  • Perfect popcorn oil.

The Good, Better, and Best of Lard

  • TERRIBLE: Avoid buying supermarket lard — it’s hydrogenated
  • GOOD: Butcher shop rendered lard
  • BETTER: Butcher shop-rendered from pork you sourced locally
  • BEST: Render your own lard from locally-produced, pastured pork