The Teakettle Solution: A Better Way To Serve Broth

Broth in a teakettle

Broth is good for you. Everyone knows it now. 

It’s a proven healer of the digestive system and an immune-system builder. Every health blogger I’ve read has covered it. Foodwifery has covered it. Even mainstream media and medical sources are singing broth’s praises. It’s now available by the cup in a New York restaurant, and on a special, new soup menu in a popular bread and food shop.

Broth is everything they say it is, of course, and I’ve recently felt an increased motivation to up the consumption for both myself and my family. It increases our digestive health and ups our immunities during cold and flu season. That’s a good thing.

But I ran into a problem.

When you serve a lot of, well, anything, the process and taste can get tedious! Serving plain broth is no different. Yes, there are many soups, sauces, and stews for variety–I’ve never had a problem eating broth.

But the process of getting to the broth can be a real pain.

What do I mean? Well, in my case, I wanted to commit to a one-cup broth meal each day, preferably in the morning. That meant removing the 1/2-gallon glass broth container from the refrigerator, pouring the broth into a saucepan, heating, pouring into a cup for drinking, then putting the remainder back into container, and back into refrigerator for the next day’s portion.

I know: it’s not impossible. But it is seven steps, and I have a family and household to run! Honestly, sometimes the whole “broth thing” was just a bit too daunting for me to attempt on a hectic morning, so I wouldn’t.

And, when I did attempt it, I would often leave the remaining broth in its saucepan near the stove to be reminded to add it to other dishes during the day. Sometimes, that plan worked. But often it didn’t. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve retrieved said saucepan on my counter — days later — and lifted the lid to find a mass of congealed broth. Yuck!

My intentions were good, but my implementation was too complicated. It didn’t set me up for success.

I needed a way to make it easier to drink a cup on a whim. Easier to splash a dash in a rice dish or over a casserole just emerging from the oven. Easier to throw in my pizza dough.

Then the answer came:

Broth in a teakettle

An inspired solution. It worked perfectly.

Now, instead of using a huge, cumbersome jar, I store fresh broth in this kettle in the refrigerator. The lid is airtight. Every morning, I remove the kettle and heat on stove, pour out my cup, and return it back to its place in the refrigerator. There was my easier.

Often, because I want to use broth throughout my day, I set it on my counter trivet, where it stays easily pourable for a long time and is invitingly visible as a reminder to use…or simply to inspire a gravy or sauce. Then, when my family has used all the broth, the glass makes the teakettle an easy clean.

Problem solved. And by a very common kitchen tool that costs less than $20.

So, want to drink more broth?

Find a teakettle and fire it up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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