The Kitchen Magnet: A Simple Change That Will Transform your Table Today

The Kitchen Magnet: A Simple Change That Will Transform your Table Today

Let’s be honest: the idea of switching to a traditional foods table can be overwhelming. I know because I’ve been there.

When I was a young mom, first learning about traditional foods, I was completely intimidated by the idea. I realized that I should stop feeding my children nearly everything I had been feeding them before. And, as I learned more about the state of our food system, everything looked like a don’t. All the fat-free. All the “health oils.” All the “heart healthy” processed snacks. All don’ts.

The pile of don’ts became higher and higher. The mountain looked insurmountable. I knew something had to change, but where on earth to start? I didn’t have much money, or fancy equipment, or any nutritional degrees. And, with several small children, I didn’t have time.

But I didn’t want to give up. So, in desperation, I radically simplified.

I sat down, grabbed a note pad, and scribbled down a short list of the eight foods which I knew we could eat, that I could feel good about feeding my family. The list looked like this:

Food List
Milk & Cultured Dairy
Good Fats
Fermented Vegetables
Grains, Nuts, & Legumes
Sourdough Bread
Organic Meats & Eggs
Fruits & Vegetables

I stood up, slapped the list on my fridge, and purposed to feed my family just those things until I could figure out the more complicated stuff.

But something funny happened. As I fed my family the foods on the list over the next days and weeks, I realized something interesting:

There is no “more complicated stuff.”

By simply posting a list of the good foods on the fridge, grocery shopping for those foods, and purposing to eat them, my family’s diet had already drastically changed. There was no more anxiety over the food on the table. I didn’t wonder whether or not I was doing the right thing, because I knew I was doing the right thing.

I had shifted my attention away from the don’ts and, instead, focused on the dos. In the amazing simplicity of that, I had also found freedom to feed my family without fear. It changed everything.

In short, my simple list of life-giving foods had accidentally transformed my table.

Now, fifteen years in the future, I’ve mentored countless other families who have adopted the same simple strategy to transform their tables. The simple list has turned into the Kitchen Magnet (fancy, right?) and Jamie and I use it as the basis for our Table Transformation Course.

And, friend, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of big changes in your kitchen, may I recommend that you try the same thing? It’s so simple, takes only a minute to begin, and it really does work.

There are only two steps:

#1: Put a list of life-giving foods on your fridge.

Write your own. Or download ours here. (Either way, if you have an in-house toddler to decorate it, so much the better!)

#2: Eat those foods.

This doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t have to go to the grocery right now. Don’t make it hard. Start where you are with the kitchen magnet as your training wheels.

Take a good, hard look at that list and see what you already have in your fridge. Do you have cheese and a better-than-average bread that you got on a whim last weekend? Make grilled cheese sandwiches. Have salad mix and a good olive oil? Make a simple salad with oil, vinegar, sweetener, and salt. Throw on some leftover chicken and whatever vegetables you have in the crisper.

See what we mean? It doesn’t have to be perfect. Use the best food you have available right now and start. Simplify. Repeat foods. (Believe it or not, it’s okay to eat the same thing for breakfast every day!)

Then, when you go to the grocery store next, simply use the kitchen magnet as your shopping guide. Your fridge will begin to fill with more and more good things and your table will begin to change.

Two steps. It’s just that simple.

The list — our Kitchen Magnet — works because of a simple principle that Jamie likes to quote: where your focus goes, your energy goes.

If you focus on everything you shouldn’t be doing, you’ll spend hours surfing the web, reading different diet books, and half-trying certain diets. You’ll be haunted by all the experts who tell you that you’re “doing things wrong.” Your energy will turn into anxiety and paralysis — not lasting change. (Believe me…I’ve been there.)

So, instead, focus on your should. Focus on the good foods that give life to your family and let all your energies go toward putting those foods in your fridge. Post your list in a prominent place, take a deep breath, and set a new purpose for your kitchen. Take it one step at a time.

It can and will work. Let us know if we can help.


Want more information on the Kitchen Magnet? Here’s The List of Life Giving Foods.

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