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Below you will find some of the free classes we offer to help kickstart your transformation. Even though they are shortened versions of our Table Transformation and Members Choice classes, they are still jam-packed full of information, helpful tips, and Foodwifery fun! The best part about it is that you can take these classes at your own pace at no cost to you and when you're ready, we offer each class of our Table Transformation Course through the membership.

So click the buttons below to read more about each class and signup for one (or all of them!) and start transforming your table today, one step at a time!

Laurie's Easy 1 Quart Fizzy Kraut

Laurie's Easy 1 Quart Fizzy Kraut >>

An “Appetizer Version” of Foodwifery's Fizzy Foods Table Transformation Class.

Lacto-Fermentation (which makes "fizzy food” like sauerkraut and fermented beverages) is simply the natural method of preservation of food — without heat and without artificial chemicals — practiced historically through the world.

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How to Make Bone Broth

How to Make Bone Broth - Our Introduction >>

An “Introductory Version” of Foodwifery's Bone Broth Table Transformation Class

In this class, you will learn why broth is excellent for the digestive system as well as how to make your very own mineral-rich broth. We show you how to make broth step-by-step. No ambiguity, no confusion, just clear, straight-forward videos (and probably a few laughs).

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Eggs, Foodwifery Style

Eggs, Foodwifery Style >>

An “Appetizer Version” of Foodwifery's Members Choice Class

In this class, we will explain and show you the differences between store-bought and home-raised eggs. Learn how raising chickens for eggs can be beneficial and many different ways to cook with eggs.

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