21 Processed Foods You Should Get Rid Of Immediately

Everyone’s kitchen transition is different.

Some people begin the journey to a real food kitchen slowly. They take it one step at a time —  adding one food, eliminating another, testing all the way — until they reach the perfect balance for their family and lifestyle.

And there’s nothing wrong with this. For many families, this works just fine.

But sometimes, you simply don’t have the luxury to take change slowly. Because sometimes people get sick.

Maybe your husband has developed a series of alarming symptoms over the past year that the doctors just can’t seem to diagnose. Maybe you’ve been suffering from awful migraines for years and don’t feel like you can take one more. Maybe your child has developed yet another food allergy and there seems to be no end in sight.

If this is your situation, this is not the time for subtle action. This is the time for a kitchen purge.

No matter how fast or slow your transition, this graphic is a good place to start.  It outlines the sources of many of the most common toxins found in our food and environment — the things you should get rid of — and gives some suggestions for worthy substitutes.

Begin now. Take some fake food out of the cupboard. Put some real food back in.

It’s where it all starts.



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21 Processed Foods To Get Rid Of Immediately