10 Weird Ways to Serve Real Food This Christmas


Let’s admit it, foodwives, many of the real foods we try to serve our families probably seem weird to outsiders.

Raw milk? Soaked almonds? Fermented vegetables? Who eats this stuff?

We do. And proudly. These foods are normal to us.

But, in honor of Christmas, we recently went searching the web for some non-normal ways to serve real food. Unusual spins on favorite foods, unexpected twists on standards, dishes that made us scratch our head.

And, boy, we found them!

So here are some of the crazy food ideas we’ve found around the web — along with our ideas on how to adapt them to the Foodwifery, real food lifestyle.

Have fun serving these weird — and healthy — holiday foods!

And if your family thinks you’ve gone crazy, well…you didn’t get popcorn salad (see #3) from us.



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 1. Curried, Baked Zucchini Chips




 We like zucchini. We love curry. But….zucchini and curry? Okay, we’ll bite.

We know: zucchini isn’t in season. But if you can find some good, organic ones in your local grocery, this looks like a fun alternative to the bag of potato chips that seems to be present at every holiday gathering. You know your kids will munch, so why not give them something real to eat?

 (From mynaturalfamily.com – Click for the RECIPE )

 2. A Very Fruity Christmas Tree




 Considering the barrage of holiday cookies made out of white flour and store bought frosting, one of the best strategies to get your family to eat real foods shinier is to make the process…well…shinier.

Enter: a shiny Christmas tree! Made by arranging fresh, organic fruit!

(If you have a resident ten year old, this is the perfect task to delegate.)

 (from naturalthrifty.com – And OTHER WAYS TO SERVE FRUIT)

3. Popcorn Salad




This is the last thing that we would have ever thought to make with popcorn. But it’s just strange enough to work.

If you try this recipe, organic popcorn is best. Do your best to stay away from canned vegetables. And we also suggest you make your own mayo or substitute a mixture of sour cream and raw milk yogurt for a lighter taste and mouthfeel.

(RECIPE from missmultitasker.wordpress.com)

 4. Mexican Popcorn





Speaking of popcorn, here’s a crazy take.

When we think of Mexican food, we don’t typically think of popcorn. But here we have it: a recipe for Mexican popcorn. It’s festive and healthy.

If your family likes spicy food, this will probably be a hit around the Christmas tree. (It will definitely be a hit with Laurie…) 

(RECIPE from fabtasticeats.com)

5. Chicken in Milk




On his website, Jamie Oliver describes this recipe as a “slightly odd, but really fantastic combination.”

We’re fans of both good chicken and raw milk, so we’ll take your word for it, Jamie.

(RECIPE from Jamie Oliver)

 6. Christmas Tree Salad


christmas-tree-salad 10


 Let’s throw in another Christmas tree, shall we?

This idea is easily adaptable to whatever your family’s favorite salad combination is: just make sure it’s extra colorful, made with good ingredients, and be sure to include a star made out of…something.

(Suggested RECIPE)

 7. Ham and Cheese Waffles




 For a strange — but delicious and memorable! — Christmas breakfast, how about throwing your morning organic ham and raw cheese into  your waffles?

We suggest you start with a good soaked waffle recipe first, though. Then ham and cheese away! Top with a healthy pat of raw butter and a glug of real maple syrup.

(Basic RECIPE from Blue Eyed Bakers)

 8. Holiday Cranberry Salsa




Cranberries aren’t exactly a local food for us. But it’s Christmas! And this real food cranberry salsa looks worth a shot.

What do you think?

(RECIPE from Lauren’s Latest)

 9. Cauliflower Popcorn




 Before you cry foul at the third popcorn recipe on this list, let us assure you: there’s no actual popcorn in this recipe.

It’s far more strange than that: it’s cauliflower masquerading as popcorn.

We know. But it could be delicious.

 If you try this crazy recipe, do yourself a favor and use real cheese instead of nutritional yeast. As my grandfather used to say, “Ain’t no substitute for the real thing!”

(RECIPE from cookingchanneltv.com)

10. Chickpea Blondies




Yes. These are blondie bars made out of chickpeas (or white beans).

But they’re also a delicious special treat for Christmas and a great recipe to make in bulk to spread around to the neighbours.

(RECIPE from Chocolate Covered Katie, who, incidentally, has many excellent and very real-food-adaptable dessert recipes)


That’s the end of the craziness for now!

If you try any of these recipes, be sure to let us know on Twitter @Foodwifery!

What are your favorite “extra-weird” real foods?