6 Ways to Real Food Your Thanksgiving Table


Here at Foodwifery, we’re gearing up for a delicious holiday season!

The turkeys are in the freezer, the bread is in the oven, and the kids are starting to anticipate the pumpkin pie.

Want some tips on how to “real food” your Thanksgiving feast? Read on!

1. Ban margarine. Embrace butter.


For increased flavor and nutrition, use lots of butter! In your potatoes, on your vegetables, in your pumpkin pie and crust.

Mashed potatoes without butter is like a day without sunshine. Make your potatoes a creamy delight with raw milk and lots of butter. You can’t really overdo it—and if you do, you get potato soup. Yummy!

Plus, steamed veggies with butter are more easily assimilated by the body than veggies without butter! So go simple: go real butter and Celtic salt to bring out the satisfying flavors of your vegetables.

And pumpkin pie made with real butter goes from “just pumpkin” to a decadent, rich, and creamy dessert worthy of your holiday table.

2. Replace fake whipped cream with real whipped cream.


Think of your pumpkin pie and dessert coffee as “whipped cream vehicles.” Its natural goodness is a smooth and satiating treat at the end of any meal.

Make no mistake: you cannot buy real whipped cream in the store. Find some good cream, chill it, and whip it yourself immediately before serving for best results–and biggest smiles.

3. Avoid commercially produced turkeys.

turkey on the farm

If at all possible, allot yourself advance time to seek out a pastured, organic, or (best of all!) locally-grown bird.

You’ll be assured of the higher standards to which your animal was raised–and feel better about serving it to your loved ones!

4. Brine before you stuff!

Whole Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey

Such a simple way to prepare your bird, yet nearly lost in our non-traditional ways of food preparation.

To brine, place turkey in a large vessel and cover with water. (If you don’t have a pot that is big enough, try a cooler.) Add enough salt to make the water super salty to taste–about one cup per gallon of water. Allow to sit at least one hour–but twelve hours is ideal! Remove turkey from water and continue with cooking prep.

Make time for brining your bird this holiday. You’ll be rewarded with tender and succulent meat that your family will notice.

5. Make your own simple, real food stuffing.

Homemade Thanksgiving Stuffing

Don’t sweat it. There are many complicated recipes out there, but stuffing is easy and has limited, common ingredients.

It can be as simple as bread, celery, onions, sage, and the juices from your roasting bird (or even chicken broth).

Start where you are with the best ingredients you have.

Grab the healthiest, hearty bread and tear it into small pieces. Sauté onions and celery in a good oil together with fresh sage (or add dried sage in the next step).

Toss the onions and celery in with your bread and pour in chicken broth or some of your roasting juice. Add real salt to taste and bake in a casserole dish until thoroughly heated.

See? You don’t need a recipe.

6. Throw out pre-mixed gravy packets.

Homemade Organic Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

Gravy is both medicinal and simple when you make it with real ingredients.

How simple is gravy? It comes down to four elements: fat, thickener, liquid, and seasonings.

Here’s one of our favorite methods:

For every cup of gravy desired, melt one tablespoon of chicken fat. Thicken it with 1 tablespoon rice flour, then add 1 cup of turkey or chicken broth. Add your favorite seasonings and cook to desired consistency.

Above all, give yourself the freedom to embrace simplicity and enjoy the people you love.

Simple abundance served and enjoyed with happiness is far better than a complicated five-course meal that induces stress.

Do the best you can. Use the best ingredients you can. Be thankful for your table and the people who sit around it. They are the best gifts of life.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.