Laurie's Easy 1 Quart Fizzy Kraut

An “Appetizer Version” of Foodwifery's Fizzy Foods Table Transformation Class.

Lacto-Fermentation (which makes "fizzy food” like sauerkraut and fermented beverages) is simply the natural method of preservation of food — without heat and without artificial chemicals — practiced historically through the world.

In this process, lactic acid is formed which inhibits bad bacteria and keeps it from decaying. But that's not all! Lots of amazing, chemical processes naturally take place which make lacto-ferments a true superfood!

And, best of all, it’s not even difficult!

In fact, as you’ll see in this “mini class,” if you can find a mason jar and some cabbage, you can have wonderful, probiotic “fizzy kraut” in your kitchen THIS WEEK.

Here is a quick sample of the class!

"Your concept of Foodwifery is terrific! Your message about wisdom and love warms my heart. I love your videos and the whole mix of technology you are presenting to bring your teaching right into each student’s home as well as the flexibility of viewing any time."

Joan R.
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Laurie's Easy 1 Quart Fizzy Kraut

This is a shortened version of Foodwifery's Fizzy Foods Table Transformation Class.