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  Living Awareness -  Hearbal Remedies & Healthy Living - Kami McBride, Owner

A few years ago, Foodwifery's Laurie Smith met Kami McBride, creator of Living Awareness Institute and author of The Herbal Kitchen, at a conference both were attending.  With the immediate common grounds of staying natural and focusing on healthy digestive eating, they hit it off.  Kami has been featured in a few of our newsletters throughout the last year speaking about the benefits of the spices you already have in your cupboards!  Those short video clips can be found here and here!

Kami is a fount of information which she shares through various classes and free workshops.

Find out for yourself: 

​Based on the research and findings of Dr. Weston A. Price, this educational, non-profit organization was started by Sally Fallon in the late 90's to disseminate information on obtaining, preparing, and consuming real, traditional foods. It was an effort begun to counter the negative effect of industrialized food on the health of humans.

​As Chapter Leaders for the FOUNDATION in their local communities, Jamie and Laurie taught the principles, demonstrated the techniques, and built up the local producers to meet the demand of an increasingly-educated and awakened public. More importantly, they lived the wisdom of replacing modern, processed foods with the traditionally-prepared foods of our ancestors. It was their unique ability, then, to transcribe FOUNDATION principles into the everyday direction and routine for the American family table that has served them in Foodwifery.

Jamie and Laurie encourage all within hearing of Foodwifery to support the WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION as they continue their world-wide effort in nutrition education, unbiased food and medical research, and subsequent legislative work to support the truth about, and benefits of, traditional foods.​

Visit their comprehensive website to learn more:​

The Weston A. Price Foundation Traditional Foods Education and Resources
   NorthStar          Bison - Lee and Mary Graese and Family, Owner/Operators

NorthStar Bison has been a huge supporter of Foodwifery from the get go.  As a business, and as a family, they practice the same ethics and practices that we teach in our Foodwifery philosophy, including family, community, respect of natural resources and sources, and the production and preparation of real food in a spirit of peace and love.

They've done an amazing job of bringing the bison back to a sustainable source for delicious, pure, organic meats for Americans. And, in doing so, have become the experienced leaders and teachers in pasture-farming for cattle, sheep, poultry, and other grass-fed meats---all of which are available from their online family business.

I (Laurie) have sat at Mary's healing table, and roamed Lee's majestic bison pastures. There are few others that I trust as much to produce food for my healing table.

Go see for yourself:

Complete Fibromyalgia recovery IS possible."

If you are looking for a natural approach to fibromyalgia recovery , you are in the right place. In her book, Freedom From Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps To Complete Recovery, Leah outlines how she went from bedridden to running in a half-marathon.

Leah has a passion for helping those who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and their co-existing conditions.

Since 2007, she has been living the type of life she thought she would never live. She uses “unconventional” and “traditional” means of getting in and staying in good health. Leah travels nationally to share her message of hope to those who cannot travel to see her. The message she delivers shows real hope to those who have been feeling alone in their battles and trials.

Join Foodwifery in the Healing Summit hosted by The Fibro Lady​ March 14-16.  

We would LOVE to see you there!

Leah McCulloughThe Fibro Lady
Flirty Aprons

I get happy when I put on an apron."  --Jamie Fiene, Foodwifery Co-Creator

It's true!

​Long ago, I worked a job that required wearing dresses. After a while, that rule was changed and I was allowed to wear pants. One morning getting dressed for work, I had a startling realization: the days I wore pants, my attitude was so-so; the days I wore a dress, I felt and acted like a million bucks!

Ever since that time, I've learned there's a power in presenting WHO you are.  It's affected by how you smell, how you walk, how you talk, and how you dress! I learned that there IS a way to ramp up positive power in your attitude and performance, just by tweaking your appearance.​

So when I head into my kitchen for the day, and I see that counter of dishes, or that chicken to be prepped, I can get depressed…until I put on my 'Superman cape' apron.  It lifts my mood exponentially!​

In essence, I'm getting my pretty on to do my work! I feel better. I feel energetic. I feel successful. It just gives me that little umph which pushes me over the call of duty, and onto the road of love. 

Wearing an apron labels me as the nurturer--kind of like wearing a badge--and I feel ready and assigned and capable to do the job…just by getting my 'pretty' on. How about you?​

Nobody does aprons like Flirty Aprons! Styles and designs and fun to match every 'getting your pretty on' personality. We love the products; we love the people behind them.​

 Click on over to Flirty Aprons and find your little piece of happiness!

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