Breaking News: Study Finds Major Yogurt Companies Misleading Consumers

The Cornucopia Institute has a new study claiming that yogurt companies have been misleading consumers with illegal labeling practices and loading yogurt with sugar, as well as harmful colorings and additives.

Jamie’s response:

“Bravo to The Cornucopia Institute. We’ve worked so long and hard to get real foods in our homes and from time to time we have to use grocery store foods. We do not make absolutely  everything that we ingest. And, so, to have a watchdog out there rooting for us to say, ‘Hey guys. This [ingredient] is not really in there,’ or there are things in [the yogurt] that you’re not really paying for. I just think [great] for them to do something like that.

Because, I know a person like me, in my town I walk into a grocery store and there’s a special section there, and I spend very little (if any) time in the rest of the grocery store… There’s times when I walk into that are and that area alone and I expect when I go into that area to be getting what it says on the label. If it says yogurt, I expect it to be wholesome.

I’m a person who is a label reader. But, there are people who aren’t label readers and they go into that section — it says health food section — you think that it’s going to be healthful.

And then you look at the scorecard, and it’s criminal what these people are doing.

They’re taking something that’s supposed to be a health food, something that’s supposed to build your gut flora, something that’s supposed to be a good treat for your children, a good treat for you… and they’re marketing on that.”

Laurie adds:

“We have assumed that because it says organic that they’re going to be absolutely truthful with us… that they’re not going to put in any additives or colorings… and this just blows that out of the water.”

See The Full Cornucopia Institute Study Here:

How does your yogurt rank? Check out the Yogurt Study Scorecard:

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