Still have questions?

~Hi! I’m Claire.

When you contact support, you will most likely find me at the other end. I’ll be sitting down to answer your questions with a glass of raw milk in hand and one eye on my toddler, who will be babbling to the dog while strewing his blocks all over the floor.

Since Foodwifery is such a modern way to teach an age-old practice, our methods may be a little harder to understand but our mission is the same.

Take a scroll through the questions and concerns we’ve addressed below and feel free to contact us here with your own!

Why Foodwifery? What makes Foodwifery different from any other class or book?

The answer lies in two simple words: experience and community. Jamie and Laurie have been where you are and learned many things by trial and error. They’ve distilled and deciphered all the books and information and, through their combined experience, have perfected a system in Foodwifery’s Table Transformation Course that works for singles, families, elderly, and young mothers alike.

We also find that community is GOLDEN and ours is unique and thriving. With Foodwifery, you are never alone. You will have access to Laurie and Jamie as well as a tremendous and active Facebook Members community where questions are answered, antics are enjoyed, and successes are rejoiced over.

I am a busy mom with barely enough time to brush my own teeth, can I still benefit from Foodwifery?

Yes! Jamie and Laurie were where you are, and have helped many in the same situation. Once you have the classes, you will have them forever. We encourage you to start where you are and take it one step at a time. For some, putting the chicken in the crock pot for broth may be the only thing you can manage initially, but that’s okay. As you work at it and get comfortable the next step forward will become clear. There is no guilt or pressure to do more than you are able.

I want to join Foodwifery! Which package is best for me?

We offer a few different options to fit all sorts of needs.

Want to pick and choose your classes and take your time going through them without an upfront cost investment? Going straight to the monthly membership is for you!

Maybe you want to get a head start toward a healthier table by learning all the basics right away? The Table Transformation Courses are for you!)

You can purchase any of these classes from the Store page here.

Can I download the classes?

No, but the classes may be viewed through many devices. Some members have us pulled up on their iPads in the Kitchen, others use it on their phones as they go about their day.

May I share my classes and membership?

While we heavily encourage the sharing of information with family and friends, we ask you not to share your account outside your household -- not only for your own security, but for your entire Foodwifery experience. We’ll be honest: to be able to grow and produce new, high-quality classes for you -- as well as have the time and energy necessary to provide each member with personal help --we need the ongoing support provided by selling courses and having members. Thank you for your honesty, good faith, and support!

I think I am ready for Foodwifery, but my husband and kids aren’t sure about it. How can I get them on board?

You are not alone! As many of our Foodwives can attest, change often starts with just one person. But never fear: the rest will follow! Food is fun. Our videos have drawn an audience from ages 2 - 82, all of whom are inspired to try recipes and help in the kitchen. Being able to eat something you’ve helped to create, be it bread or yogurt, or soup, has an appeal to any age. It may take some time, but once you find your new family favorite recipes, the happiness at the table will grow and with it the encouragement from your family.

What if I’m stuck in a food “rut” and not sure how to get out?

Been there. It happens to everyone! The preparation of whole and nutrient-dense food can be daunting but you will find it worthwhile. Change doesn’t have to happen overnight and it takes time to step out of your comfort zone. We encourage starting where you are and taking it one step at a time, whatever that looks like for you. If you follow that simple strategy, you’ll be amazed where you’ll end up!

What if I cancel my membership, can I come back in the future? Will I lose access to all my classes?

We love our members but understand life takes you to sometimes unpredictable places where a membership might not fit in. That’s okay! While you’ll no longer have access to membership content, you will continue to have access to the classes you’ve already purchased If you wish to come back to Foodwifery at any point in the future, we will welcome you back with open arms!

Did your question get answered? If not, contact us HERE. But if you are ready to join us, let’s head to the STORE and I’ll see you in the Membership!

- Claire