Foodwifery Fizzy Drinks for the Holiday Table


At Foodwifery, we love a good festive table. And, for us, a holiday table just isn’t complete without a refreshing sparkling beverage or two.

Like you, though, we’re hesitant to put a sugary, chemical-laden drink in front of our families.

Thankfully, there is a grand tradition in real food of fermented beverages that are festive…and good for you! We call them fizzy drinks.

Shall we introduce you?

Here’s a glimpse of the fizzy drinks at each of our tables this season–and a recipe for you to try!


“I will be serving Elderflower Champagne, a drink introduced to me by a friend from England.

It was such a tradition with their family that she served it at her daughter’s wedding. (You can imagine how much they had to make…it was coming out their ears!)

To make, we start way back in the summer growing season.

The kids and I gather elderflowers from fence rows, roadsides, and obliging farmers.

We add organic lemons, organic sugar, and champagne vinegar for a 4-5 day fermenting period, then bottle and allow to mellow until the holidays.

It’s a soda pop replacement. A holiday treat drink!

I put it in a pretty glass, with a slice of orange.

It’s bubbly, a beautiful lemon color, and brings the memory of summer gatherings and sunshine to our Thanksgiving table.”

— Jamie


“I love to grow–and enjoy the traditional drinks made from–the lovely grape. In years past, I pressure-canned my grapes for juice, but have since learned that traditionally fermenting them creates a more delicious, sparkling, and nutritious drink.

This holiday season, I will be serving Natural Grape Wine and Fizzy Grape Punch. My wine is made in thirty days from just three ingredients: grapes, organic sugar, and water.

After the ferment time, the wine is strained, put in glass jugs, and left to settle for three months.

fizzy-grape-punchThen it is siphoned off, bottled, and stored to be ready for the next holiday season. The time of storage is important as it allows the flavors and alcoholic ferment to mellow and blend for an absolutely delightful flavor and color.

Other wines may be more readily available, but the uniqueness of homemade wine definitely increases the drinking pleasure!

I also serve Fizzy Grape Punch for those more inclined to a non-alcoholic drink, like younger children or those who simply prefer not to drink alcohol.

It’s still served in fancy wine glasses, still has the beautiful and enticing grape color, and still satisfies the palate during a holiday meal.

Fizzy Grape Punch is easy, having only four ingredients: grapes, whey, celtic salt, and water.

The ferment time is only a few short days, then straight into the refrigerator it goes to await the fall feasts.

To serve, the grapes are strained out and discarded. What is left is a sparkling–truly fizzy!–fruity and nourishing drink.

Want the recipe? It’s below!”

— Laurie

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Fizzy Grape Punch

In a quart glass container, place:

2 cups cleaned and crushed grapes
1 teaspoon celtic salt
1 tablespoon whey

Fill container with enough water to reach two inches below top rim. (That space is crucial for the fermentation process. Don’t fill it up!)

Cover tightly with canning lid and screw cap.

Shake gently to mix well, and allow to sit undisturbed in room temperature for 48 to 60 hours.

After this time, remove unopened to refrigerator for cold storage.

You can allow this to mellow and develop rich flavors for the next 12 months or so, as desired.

When ready to serve, strain and discard grapes.

Serve chilled.

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